Sales funnels and email marketing

Maarten Vaerewijck (WriteBeard) is a digital marketer and copywriter who helps online businesses boost their revenue.

Since 2019, he’s helped various 7 and 8 figure businesses boost their revenue with YouTube Ads, Landing Pages and Sales Pages, VSLs, Upsell Pages, and Emails.

Recently, he gave a business an ROI of 4,520%. Meaning that for every $1 the business invested into him, they got $45 right back. That’s a personal record.

Let’s try to break that record for your business.

Click that button to give me a quick rundown of your business and offer(s). After that, we’ll chat about how I can help.

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What it’s like working with me

If you’re looking for a copywriter Maarten/Writebeard is definitely your guy. Take a difficult brief and he’ll get it done, respond well to feedback and overdeliver on each request. I sincerely couldn’t recommend Maarten more strongly to you
Shaun – Survivopedia

I really appreciate the fact that the deadline was met, that you are very organized and predictable during the collaboration, and overall everything worked as planned.
Antonia – StoneForceMedia

The clickthrough rates are great, open rates have been strong, and same with the EPCs.
Overall, you have a ton of experience in the field and I would definitely recommend you as a copywriter.

John – Survival Frog

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